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Jazz Avenues

in DC the U.S. and around the world...

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‚Äčin D.C., U.S., and around the world

in DC the U.S. and around the world...

A Romance Awaits...

You are entering a


In the coming pages,

A romance of

The spirit

Of the music

The cries and hopes

Of the people

Through the music

The love

Of the people through

The music,

The music from the

Southern delta

To the Northern


The Eastern sun

The Western horizon.

You will feel a

Romamnce, a meeting,

You will be

Wined and dined

And becom a lover

As we all are lovers

Of the music

Of the people's sounds

And sights

of lives coming

And going

Trains whistles

Airplan roars

Soft moons

Over rippling waters

Branches of leaves

Waving night bird calls

You will be a part of this romance

...a cadence, a rhythm,

Of romance

Listen to the rhythm

Of this jazz romance


Stephen A. Monroe

From "Tune Up"

Rejuvenation of a Beat

East Bootleg West 1989