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Jazz Avenues

in DC the U.S. and around the world...

Jazz Avenues

​Going west Blues

Vanlentine's day and pink or red

might be more appropo

but the lady's leaving time, leaving town,

going far, far away.

Going far out west,

leaving me here to stay.

She sang to me over the piano,

smoky rooms of our lives,

glances stolen from the master,

hearts straining across the crowded rooms, 

but now she's leaving town,

going far, far away.

Keep me in your dreams, songstress 

of honeyed rapture,

think of me along the warm breezes,

as you sing your life to the masses

and come back soon lover,

long before my dying day.

-----------Steve Monroe

​​​And a vision …

… turning down the bread aisle at
the store and a
in black dress
dotted with

...excuse me what’s your name don’t
I know you
princess dazzling white teeth
yes, oh, yes I
know you too …

Corinthia …
ebony maiden a
vision from years
of unrequited
love lust honor
thy maidens born
for uplifting
sparkles lighting a grey

… Steve Monroe


A sunny day/blue skies

A lift

to the day

dazzling smile

 from mahogany


 bright blue dress

 chasing away

 blues day Danielle yes


 sparking hope

in canyons

of wandering sprits aimed

now higher

 thank you

 thank you

… Steve Monroe


Leftover meatloaf

Leftover meatloaf

never tasted so good


at your kitchen

table, hot

buttered potatoes,

​your buttery sweet smille

shinking hair

and glowing' 

rosy skin.

Leftover meatloaf

tasted so 


trumpets and clarinets

from a 20's jazz band

singing mid-winter

melodies. Leftover

meatloaf youchewing,

pixie grinning girl

never tasted so good

as tasting you

creamsoft arms,

rouge lips

sweet as berries,

leftover meatloaf

never tasted

so good.

.... Sam Arthur